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Making Old things new!

I purchased this  super cute overall dress from Rainbow for only $25. I am a very cheap shopper. I will only spend over $20 on an item if it’s a dress or a complete outfit, but this dress, I had to have! 

After I took it home, my thoughts were “What am I going to wear with this? I’ve reached my spending max.” So I looked through my shirt bin, and found this black and white stripped shirt, I bought a couple years ago from H&M. 

Then I realized I need a pop of color, a sprinkle of “girl.” I am totally obsessed with the color rose gold! I pulled out my rose gold shiny flats I purchased at Charlotte Rouse sometime last year for only $10. I paired it with a rose gold watch from Wet Seal and a rose gold necklace from New York Company.

Funny thing… When I looked in my car I noticed someone left their pink sunglasses on my backseat. I have no idea who they belong too, but they added that last touch to my outfit! 

It’s fun making “old things new”, while being cute and covered! 

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