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The Fight to Find a Formal Dress

I absolutely love shopping! I can spend hours in one store! But one thing I hate shopping for is formal gowns! I enjoy getting dolled up and taking tons of pics in my cute dress! I recently went to a formal event for my job and had to purchase a new gown.

I began looking for my dress months prior to the event , because I knew the challenges I would have! I am finding that it is extremely hard to find a formal gown that is Cute & Covered.

I walked in the store and saw so many dresses ! As I looked through the racks I began to get frustrated. Most of the dresses were two pieces, back out, stomach out, chest out or way too tight! I thought the purpose of a formal gown was to look elegant! My mind couldn’t grasp the concept of having my stomach out at a formal event!

After weeks of searching, I finally found a dress! I went more of the simple route. I purchased this dress for only $60 at Windsor! I paired it with a very simple necklace from New York and Company.


Ladies it is possible to dress modest at a formal event . Finding a dress can be a hassle , but it is possible .

Check out this dress below! I wore this for my 25th birthday party last year It’s actually a two piece! I am not a fan of two piece dresses at all ! But there are ways to wear them with out showing your belly. I pulled the bottom piece up, and used safety pins on the inside to keep it together. I also wore black undergarments just in case. I purchased this dress from Windsor as well for $80!

As you’re preparing for prom, graduation, and any end of the school year celebrations, remember to be Cute & Covered!!